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Growth Strategy Assessment

Growth Strategy Assessment-

A 10,000 foot overview of you and your business and what are some great next steps to improve your relationship marketing.

(1 hour)



For booking 121s. Let me know where you’d like to meet.

(1 hour)

Where Are You Now?

Where Are You Now?-

A “Where Are You Now” self-assessment, review, and an overview of Asentiv programs.

(30 minutes)

Platinum Rule Assessment

Platinum Rule Assessment-

Do you want to be an expert in your behavioral style and interacting with others in networking, sales, and your personal life?

Sign up for a Platinum Rule assessment. You’ll receive a link to the assessment. Once completed, Cory will deliver to you a 27 page report about you and spend 60 minutes (plus a follow up session) going over how to become that expert communicator that will ignite your network.

To purchase, sign up here: then use this form to book your appointment!

(1 hour)